Web Design is where all information is stored. And this information appeal what the company, game, or anything that is about.

I made this website very simple and easy to access. The main influence was a ’Minecraft’ feeling. The home page was reduced to only a logo. A ’progress’ page shows how far the project has come. The only negative is that the base website has to be updated, to display recent progress. The contact page shows the character Ai instructing the reader to write an email. Overall, I tried to match the color scheme with a good overlay. This makes Tamaya Kagiya available to a bigger audience.

Goal: Promote, Advertise, Inform, Identity, Branding

Software: Photoshop and Illustrator


Matchasoft website is my first website to design for a client. And I had made color specific to the color of matcha ice-cream through Illustrator. This is homepage site, for now, however, it would be more developed as time goes.


Goal: Promote, Advertise, Inform, Identity, Branding

Technical Info: Software: Photoshop and Illustrator

Attachments/Source References: http://www.matchasoftdev.com/


I made this website for my game publishing company. The particular point of this site is to create the site with limited content. I wasn’t inspired by any other game company websites. I just made it with my creative ideas, which ended up well. Straightforward and organized website using Cryout Creations, Anima. Currently, Tamaya Kagiya website has released only one game Kahuna. So only Kachuna is shown to the page mainly. It would change later, but for now, this will be the website to be displayed.

In the home page, I described Tamaya Kagiya. What Tamaya Kagiya and on the bottom with icons describing what Tamaya Kagiya does. For Kachuna game, I put little slider with 5 pictures representing special scenes of the game. And have icons for Steam, Itch.io, and Gamejolt. And lastly, put promoting a video of the game It took while to understand the theme Anima even though I have used Cryout Engine on my portfolio site before. Landing page made mainly confusion, but after clicking few hours I understand how to use it. For Kachuna page, it was simply more about characters and credits. It was worth to make a website and improve my skill on how to use WordPress further. I will continuously develop more of my skills.

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