The Spirit Hunter

This is my first time doing Old Fashioned Game User Interface style. So I kept simple for all necessary designs. As usual, the layout took a long time to figure out. I did not want to miss any single details to make the perfect design.
For textbox, I kept it black so that it remains old-fashioned way, but not just that’s the only reason. In the black text box, players can easily read the texts which are most important in the game.
Clients added two interesting modes as well: Music Section and CG mode. Music Section allows you to just listen to any music you like to go back and listen. And CG mode allows you to see the CGs (important image during scenes. The clean layout was the most important to do in this game design. And the navigation to go up or down and left and right was the main focus on this GUI design.


Software: Photoshop and Illustrator
Final Product Details: Game User Interface Design

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