Secret Form

How did I make Secret Form logo?

The production of Secret Form logo. Secret from by Brassiere is a women’s health product which helps to enrich the female form and inspire confidence in women. My first attempt at designing a fitting logo for this product was to use the name of the product however I soon discovered that it didn't look the way I wanted it to and that it was mundane so I searched for alternatives. I was inspired by the shape of the product so I decided to use that as a platform to start experimenting with different designs with the characteristic shape of the product but it still didn't look the way I wanted it to. I was stumped so I decided to research common brands such as Apple and Twitter to see if I could spot a pattern I could use for this logo. From my research, it was clear to me that one key element was simplicity, by using simple shapes these brands were able to increase their brand recognition. A simpler shape is easier to remember. I decided to embrace this form of design and began to experiment with the product to see what I could find fitting. I started with a lighter circle and added darker borders to complement the circular shape and to shift the focal point towards the company name. I then reduced the full name of the company to the first letter of the first word that being S for Secret in Secret Form. I wasn't satisfied yet so I decided to rotate the S by 90 degrees to symbolize the shape of breasts, therefore, creating a strong correlation of the logo to the product which became the final logo seen below. This experience has provided me invaluable insight into branding and the significance of simplicity.

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