Same as it ever Was

This visual novel has started production last June, so the game has proceeded well from then. I had some introduction and greeted with the client about what the game is about. My first work is to make a textbox, and I textured with dots. Of course, this is a prototype that I can change things easily and adapt to the way client would like. And Client didn’t seem to like this texture, but he wants rustier to I gave him the dirty/ rusty text box. Giving different backgrounds to test out my text box design and it worked well.

For Menus, I added on the left side of the screen. And then list them out nicely. Giving key function to each key and clicking it would show the screen that you typed the letter. It took some time to adjust the way of the appearance, however its worth to make and wait to give perfect look client likes. And the load screen, I first roughly made the design of look big box on the middle and ruler on the left side. And the Grid gives a clear message of scientific look. However, it wasn’t as the story was. The client said “Alright, so octopus/squid/ play a symbolic and aesthetic role in the story, as Kaitlyn is transforming into something that very much looks like that. So maybe, instead of a ruler, we have a tentacle popping out from the side of the screen and wrapping around a corner of the box or something similar to that.” So I deleted ruler and filled in with the look of octopus and tentacle. Pretty much Load, Save, and CG Gallery were the same design. For CG Gallery, I only tweaked a bit to make it look to separate the save/load screen but looks fit with other menu designs.

For the Main menu with the background given, I gave a simple look what it would look like, but the client wanted the simpler design. “Okay, so what I have in mind is a pure black screen with the logo in the middle, and the "Start," "Load," "Gallery," "Config," and "Exit" buttons at the bottom."

“ since this is the straightforward design I try to change the font that looks more amazing to view. I tried to explain to the client, but he replied. “honestly, I like Railway. It's a simple font but also clean and recognizable” which was the font I was already using in this GUI design.

Lastly for Configure Setting, with the consistency and topic of the game (Octopus) in mind, I started designing. And client said "I do like it! just a couple things I want to be tweaked for the sake of consistency if that's okay. Firstly, I'd like if the background (the brown part) could be replaced with the grid from the gallery and pause menu. Secondly, I'd like if where the options are displayed (the purple part) could be given the rough texture instead as well as switched to black/gray like the other menus". After the fixes, the client satisfied.

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