Red Eyes – The tainted blood

This is my first GUI design I got commissioned for Role Playing Game. It was quite different than the ones I used to make the design for. And I researched other games like Pokemon, Fate Grand Order, and games provided by the client.


RPG textbox x

(I.e. Draft of RPG textbox from low fidelity to high fidelity)


For Textbox, I prepared textbox that also shows face on left. When you click menu, the button on the top right corner, it will show multiple options to choose for the game. Also during the fight, I choose simple RPG game system where players choose from 3 options (Fight, Item, and Run). And HP Bars and your allies will show up on left side of the screen.


RPG display option

(I.e. Draft of RPG Option from low fidelity to high fidelity)


load game

(I.e. Draft of RPG Load Game from low fidelity to high fidelity)


Except regarding battle system and textbox, Load/ Save game and Options was pretty easy to do, whereabout I have to just match layout to make it more simple but easy to access.




Game Identity, Layout

Technical Info:

Software – Photoshop and Illustrator


@Copyright – Nyanime

Inspiration Sources – Fate Grand Order

Pokemon Sun and Moon

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