Peace of Evil

This is the game that is planned to release before November 2017. And the style, I incorporate is fantasy style of greenland. The colors I used is solely White, Black, and Green.

Long after the fall of mankind, in a rich prosperous land, there lived an emperor. His reign was cruel and cold, but ironically, there was peace. He was just in his judgement, but merciless in his actions. Nobody dared to start a fight in his lands as he cared not of whom he have to punish—those who were against his words would be killed instantly without mercy.

Despite the overall peace, the minority races struggled to survive. The traditionally fierce carnivores dominated the trading and industrial sector, taking control of the mines and ports while the agriculture sector is fully controlled by the tame yet wise herbivores in the less bustling southern lands. In between these two extremes, there was the minorities, consisting of small predators and species that do not belong to either extremes.

The foxes, especially—due to being infamous with their heritage as sly and untrustworthy—had it the worst. Not many of the carnivores wanted to trade with them and the herbivores kept their distances from the foxes, fearing for their own safety.




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