Himitsu no Tegami

This project was a remake of Batsu no Tegami. I was asked to redesign the Game User Interface model from scratch. The client specified ’no separate Save and Load screens,' challenging my design process.

The textbox has a good, clear quality thanks to the doubled layers. This was achieved using the ’two rectangles’ tool. I experimented with different opacities to find the ideal display. The desired outcome achieved at 50% ~ 30%. The Load and Save screens are placed left and right, respectively. The textboxes decorated with letters, stars, and hearts. They were edited via the ’pucker’ and ’bloat’ tools, lending a soft, sensual quality.

The overlay for the ’Gallery’ function made with the ’rectangle tool.' The decorations were made using ’Graphic Illuminated Styles.' Additional decorating done on the right-hand side, to make the design more extravagant.

For the configuration, I used the ’rectangle’ tool alongside a red color scheme. The opacity was lowered to 50%, putting the screen beneath into moderate focus. The rectangular shapes rounded in illustrator. The texture, typography, and layout were all vital parts of this GUI design.

Overall, the client was pleased.


Software: Photoshop and Illustrator

Final Product Details: Game User Interface Design


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