A well-designed interface maximizes enjoyment. It smoothes the interaction, maximizing potential enjoyment.

Kachuna is a dating sim. It’s the first game I professionally designed, drawing inspiration from the series ’Pet Girl Of Sakurasou’. The resulting User Interface Design is meant to convey freedom and professionalism.

A Role Playing Game. I’ve seldom ventured into this genre, so I found inspiration by researching big names, like Pokemon, Fate Grand Order, and other games provided by the client.

The project was restarted from Batsu no Tegami. I was asked to redesign a pre-existing Game User Interface. The client speci­fied no separate screens for saving and loading, which challenged my ideas of design. The end product proved satisfactory to both parties.

The client specified a retro style. This leads me to simplify the basic designs. Streamlining the design took some time, as I didn’t want to miss any details. It had to be up to my standards.

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