About Me

Since I was a child, the humanities have fascinated me. Especially music and illustration. I asked my parents for piano classes, hoping to one day be a famous pianist, composer, or artist. I wasn’t good at martial arts or sports, though I stretch my limbs from time to time. My studies were largely self-taught, with the aim of supporting myself one day.  My interest in visual arts led me towards graphic design.
A love of gaming and anime led me to start developing visual novels. Jotting down story concepts, programming them, and ultimately playing them, is very satisfying work. It’s also teamwork, which gives me a chance to work with others. I enjoy leading teams, and have tempted my teammates with my desire to have the project finished in a short amount of time.
I’ve also practiced marketing and advertising through Kickstarter campaigns. My work there also had me using Twitter, to keep people updated on the project. This made us visible to more individuals, giving us greater chances for promotion to the point where the game was successfully funded.

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You can alternatively contact me by e-mail: nyanime8@gmail.com

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